Overwhelmed Employee

Being a corporate training company that’s been delivering corporate training programs since the past 12.5 years, we have come across many participants that we can term as ‘overwhelmed.’  Now why would we call them that? Because they are overwhelmed with many things – work, emotions, time, stress, you name it! Yes, they all have their individual reasons to be overwhelmed. And that’s actually where we fit in!

Corporate training programs are not just for learning something new. They also help in managing what we have on our plate more effectively. However, its important that it’s done in the correct manner, especially in such cases.

So how do you approach such employees in a corporate training program? Let me tell you…

  1. Define the Overwhelm – Connect with such an employee and understand what is making them overwhelmed. Sometimes they may have difficulty articulating what’s making them uncomfortable. Have patience. Support them and help them put a finger on it. After all, you can’t change something which you’re not aware about!
  2. Cater to their need – Imagine trying to attend a corporate training program which doesn’t address your need. Its frustrating enough for normal employees. You can well imagine what would happen to an overwhelmed one! Therefore, ensure you give them what they really need at that moment. Refrain from giving them more than they can digest, even if it makes you more fulfilled as a trainer!
  3. Managing our Inner Landscape – When we are overwhelmed, our bodies go into a stress reaction. This in turn makes it even more difficult to manage our already racing emotions. And what we land up with is a lot of stress! So, first help such an employee manage their stress. How? By simply letting them talk. That does a lot of good. Then by helping them relax further using some stress management techniques. And then by helping them manage their thoughts and emotions.
  4. Effectively Managing Tasks – For those employees that are having difficulty managing their tasks, this is the next step. First try to figure out where they are losing out. Then teach them some appropriate tools and techniques to manage their tasks better. You can teach them so time management tools, delegation tools and even how to be more assertive. But remember to stick to their need.
  5. Ask them further – Once you’re done with all of these, ask them what’s left on their plate. They may come up with technology issues like many are facing nowadays. Ask them how they can tackle these. They may even come up with how some process needs to be changed at work. Ask them to communicate it to the decision maker. And if they need help there, help them with their communication.

And always remember, give them plenty of space. Keep your corporate training programs at regular intervals and for shorter durations. That way they can go back to work also, which will help manage their ‘away from work anxiety.’ And as always, let me know what other tips you have. You know how much I love reading them😊

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