English Language training

English language training is probably one of the most conducted language training in the world. In fact, almost every country in the world has English language training institutes and classes. Most people give preference to learning the English language as a secondary language. Do you know why?

There are a lot of advantages of learning the English language. Especially in countries like India, where every region has a different language of its own and conversing can become quite a job! You therefore need a language that can be understood by all, and English becomes a good option. The same applies at a global level. English being a common language, becomes a saviour when you have to converse with people from different countries.

Let’s discuss the top three advantages of English language training:

  1. The first advantage of communication skills training is what we have already discussed. English is a universal language and one of the most spoken languages in the world. If you learn the language you have higher chances of sustaining in any part of the world. Also, if you plan to go to a particular country, you can undergo an English language training customized as per the country.


  1. The second biggest advantage is, the confidence that knowing English gives. In India, as we know, people are judged on the basis of their ability to speak English. Literacy and knowing English language are often mistaken as the same thing. Which very often results in low self- confidence for a lot of people who come from a vernacular background. This is unfortunately an often-unspoken truth that many people have to face. Therefore, its best to learn the language. If it’s something that can boost your confidence, why not?


  1. Not only does English language training give us more confidence, but it also increases the confidence and develop the personality that others have in us. How often have you seen people getting rejected in job interviews due to poor English speaking skills. In fact, many of them may even get rejected at the resume shortlisting stage as their written English creates a negative impression more often than not. English language training therefore increases the opportunities that we get in life and make it easier to get that coveted job in our dream company!

English is not our national language and is therefore not mandatory to learn English. But I also think that there is no loss in learning it either. If anything, it will only add as a benefit to you in some way or the other.

With increased globalisation, English language training are currently being conducted at large across our country. If you feel at least one of the above three mentioned advantages are motivating enough for you, go for it. Learning English will only help you progress in your life. And if you find more advantages, we would be happy to hear them😊

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