Sales Training programs have been around since many years and have contributed immensely towards how humans now sell their products.

From door to door selling to digital marketing the required selling skills have changed drastically. In the current age of social media it is essential to be seen and known.

So what does sales training require now and how do we succeed in the current situation with the huge amount of competition? How do we make ourselves known?

I feel the answer lies in the way we look at sales and not so much in the skills. In fact to have the required skills is a given, we require much more than that.

Lets understand the current global situation..

The VUCA World

Every moment a new product gets launched and by the time it is introduced another competitor has already either copied the product or has come up with a better one to counter the current product. The term ‘VUCA’ commonly used by the military applies to all of us. We all live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complicated and Ambiguous world.

Therefore many of the sales training’s we attend and the skills we learn in a classroom or by reading books get outdated and may not hold true for this VUCA world. In fact the situations that are thrown up during your daily sales calls now are probably not something you can easily learn in the books and the programs. They are unique, probably more complex and require solutions that one has to come up with on the spot. It may not be possible to deal with such situations just by using our past experience and conditioning.

The Yellow Spot Sales Training Program

The Yellow Spot Sales Training program hence offers a Sales Workshop which does not only focus on selling skills but also on how to deal with the VUCA situation that we face on a sales call or during the sales process.

It’s about coming up with a here and now solution rather than only relying on what you have learnt from the past experience as the current situation is different and it demands a different approach.


Sales Training


Hence the first aspect we focus on in our training is to unlearn what we have learnt and get aware of our past conditioning and our biases. This is done by exercises and assessments which make us aware about our state of mind. It also opens up awareness about our blind areas.

It is said that once you get aware of  something, you get the power to change it. The objective is hence to enhance awareness.

So what should one get aware of is the next question.


Awareness is of two types,  one is in the form of what is happening inside an individual and the other is in the form of what is taking place outside.

Inside awareness is created by getting in touch with one’s thoughts, emotions and sensations. Outside awareness is about getting in touch with what one senses; which is what one sees, hears, tastes, smells, etc.

The Yellow Spot’s focuses on creating this awareness through exercises, tools and techniques as well as sharing.

The next step of the Sales Training is skill building.  So how do we built the sales skills? Here we focus on group processes.

We, at The Yellow spot, operate from the thought that the team holds the intelligence and the experience of selling their product and service well and if this intelligence is surfaced then wonderful skills can be learned from ourselves and our team members.

In order to facilitate this we allow group sharing and ideating as well as brainstorming processes and utilize the data generated to learn as well as unlearn.

Once the intelligence is generated, the next step is to practice what has emerged. This is done in the form of simulations, role plays, games and activities so that Kolb’s Learning Cycle gets actualized.

The next step is to provide the participants with tools and concepts that are easy to understand and which can be applied in daily sales. Simplicity and effectiveness are the key focus here.

We have designed tools and concepts through our many years of sales experience within The Yellow Spot as well as by conducting programs for our other clients. These tools and concepts are applicable in most situations and are applicable at every step of the sales process.

Post Training

Now, the most crucial part of any program comes in when the learning has to be applied. Hence we also lay a lot of stress on what is done post the program rather than only on what is learnt during it.

Here we provide support to participants in the form of creating learning platforms, conducting review sessions, sending information on the topic and gaining feedback on their action plans.

Applying the newly learnt skills on the field helps in increasing retention of the learning’s as immediate experimentation takes place and makes the learning stronger.

We even suggest going a step ahead and gaining feedback from the line managers on the actioning of the action plans. This ensures that the application of the learning on the field is taken seriously and a transfer climate is provided to the participant by their seniors. It also brings in seriousness in terms of implementation as you have observation and feedback taking place at the workplace.

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