Emotional Intelligence: Tired of the Pandemic

Second and third waves of the Covid-19 Pandemic are hitting various parts of the world. And there are a number of explanations doing the rounds as to why the number of cases are increasing. Lifting of the lockdown, increased testing, new variants emerging due to the virus mutating, people catching it while visiting vaccination centres, etc. There is, however, one more reason, which if you ask me is a major reason. And that’s low emotional intelligence!

Now what makes me say that? The fact that we are all tired of the pandemic and are letting our guard down because of it!

Yes, I get to hear this so often from people.

“We are tired of this whole thing and can’t stay couped up in our houses any longer. We want our life back.”


“I got tired of spending so much time travelling to work by car. So, I’ve started travelling by train, even though the trains are terribly crowded.”


“I am sick of wearing a mask. I’ll manage when something happens!”

And even

“I’m so happy, let’s celebrate. Now that I’ve been vaccinated, I can finally stop wearing a mask and don’t need to maintain social distance anymore.”

And what does this finally result in? Flouting of social distancing and other required norms and eventually the number of Covid positive cases going up. Why? Because we are unable to manage our emotions!

Emotional Intelligence and the Pandemic

The pandemic sure has triggered off a range of not-so-great emotions in each of us. Right from fear to loneliness and the most recent, tiredness and boredom. And it’s because we are having difficulty managing these emotions that many of us are either flouting norms or are driving ourselves up the wall at home! In fact, the number of conflicts in every household has probably gone up too. And the thrill of ‘spending more time with our family member’s ceases to exist for many. Which is also why many people are running outdoors in the hope of getting a much-needed break from one another! Sad, but true!

So, what do we really need to do to manage the situation better? And how can we keep our sanity and allow ourselves to pass through this difficult phase? By increasing our emotional intelligence.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence helps us get aware of our own emotions, regulate them and in turn help others manage their emotions. So, it can help us stay calm and composed which in turn gives us the strength to give all those around us a helping hand. It also helps us stay rational and take data backed decisions rather than acting out of our negative and even positive emotions!

So, how can Emotional Intelligence help us in the current scenario?


• Increasing Awareness

Many of us may be acting out of our emotions but are not actually aware of it. For example, those who are socialising with others and running to crowded restaurants may be actually reacting to the loneliness or boredom that they are feeling within as a result of the pandemic. If they can, however, realise that their behaviour is simply a result of their emotions, they might actually stop running outside and try to work within!


• Improving Regulation

In order to change anything, the first step is always being aware of what you have to change. The next step is accepting what you have got aware about, and that can be a rather difficult one for many! It is, however, the key to change and one test that each person needs to pass through successfully to create change. So, once you realise that you are feeling lonely or bored, you need to accept it. And that paves the way for regulating these feelings.

To help you do this, you can use a powerful tool called The Emotional Freedom Technique. You can read about it in a previous blog we have written by clicking here. Based on the technique, the statement you can repeat to yourself can be:

“Even though I am feeling lonely and bored due to the covid pandemic, I still choose to love and accept myself.”

Repeat this to yourself while allowing yourself to feel completely and utterly lonely and bored. And trust me you will magically see these emotions transform. And that’s the true power of regulation!

You can also practice Mindfulness regularly and just watch these emotions as they rise within your consciousness.


• Greater Empathy

Once we are able to get aware of what we are feeling and regulate it, then we are in a position to help others around us. After all, you cant hear someone else’s pain when your own pain is too loud! Once you are calm, you can understand what people around you are feeling. And that paves the way for creating great relationships. It will also make you realise that we are all feeling similar emotions and if we can all support one another we can get through this difficult period with flying colours!


• Improved Interpersonal Relationships

I’m sure we could all do with a lot more of these right now, especially with our family members and the colleagues with whom it’s getting difficult to work with remotely! And Emotional Intelligence can give you just that! You will be able to manage other people’s frustrations and maintain your calm even in a conflict. And will be able to positively influence them, get your work done and enjoy yourself while at it!

In short, there’s no looking back when you are emotionally intelligent. It will help you not only manage yourself and those around you better, but will change your outlook towards the pandemic. Not only will you be contributing in winning this war, but will also make use of this opportunity and bring out the best in you. Not just for now, but forever!

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