Negotiation Skills Training

When we talk about negotiation skills training, we commonly think that it is only for the sales professionals. Yes, sales professional are the ones who have to do and deal with negotiation a lot. But you know who is it who needs negotiation skills training the most? All of us!

Yes, I mean it. Each one of us needs negotiation skills training. Confused? I’ll explain.
Negotiation is one of those things that we do all our lives irrespective of our age and also impacts our personality development. You start negotiating as a kid with your parents and siblings for toys and other stuff. When you are an adult, you have to negotiate for almost everything in life. So whether it’s going to the market for buying vegetables or visiting a property dealer for buying a property or for that matter even sitting down with your boss to discuss a salary hike, you have to negotiate at every step of life. At some point or other, every person has to deal with it either on a personal or a professional level. And if you are a poor negotiator and are unable to negotiate well, you might end up paying a huge price for it. And that price may not always be in terms of numbers!

Negotiation can be scary as it may not come naturally to everyone. And even the ones who have to do it on a regular basis might goof up occasionally! But sometimes there is no option.
Being assertive and asking for what you want is difficult, but it’s not impossible. It is a skill that can definitely be learned.

Many of us have a fear of talking our heart out. Some are fearful of being judged and coming across as being too pushy. Others are afraid of being on the losing end and landing up with the smaller piece of the pie! While others simply lack the ability to say ‘No’. This is in fact the biggest obstacle that comes in our way of negotiation. We might still manage it in our personal life, but if we talk about our professional life, it’s a completely different picture. We find it very difficult to negotiate with our boss on anything. Not just the boss, but also our peers and subordinates for that matter.

Negotiation doesn’t come into picture only when money is involved. It also involves our regular activities. For e.g. you are doing ‘n’ number of tasks in a day and you already have too much on your plate. Your peer or your boss pops up and gives you another task to do. Are you able to negotiate with your boss or peer in this situation? Think about it.
It definitely matters how good you are at negotiating as it highly impacts your personal and professional life both. If you are good at it, you’re life will be simpler. If you’re not, negotiation skills training is your solution.

Negotiation skills training is what helps you in being bold and vocal about what you want and what value its adding. It will help you get over the fear and anxiety that you might go through when you are in such a situation. And in case you are one of the ‘extra’ bold and pushy types, it also trains you on how to think win-win.
So if you wish to be the one in control of your personal or professional life, negotiation skills training is what is necessary.

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