communication skills training

Does communication skills training sound silly to you? I mean, everyone knows how to communicate, right? Then why do we need a whole training programme on it?
I’m sure this thought must be crossing some people’s mind when they hear of ‘communication skills training’.
Many people have a misconception of what exactly ‘good’ communication skills are. Yes, we all communicate on a daily basis. But do we always display the ‘right’ communication skills?
Communication is definitely an exchange of information using a certain medium. But is that where it ends? Or are there other aspects to it that are also important?
Communication is actually an exchange of information in the ‘right way’ to make the exchange more efficient. For example, consider conveying a piece of information and also adding inappropriate emotions to it, like anger and irritation! Don’t we do that many a time? Is it really the most efficient way to exchange the information as more often than not, it leads to a lot of misunderstanding! And what is root cause of the misunderstanding? Yes, lack of appropriate communication skills. In fact, I would actually go on to say that I feel it’s the only cause of all the misunderstandings in the world! If we have good communication skills, we can avoid creating misunderstandings in the first place and even if they occur, we can easily solve them with no loss of relationships or anything.Communication skills is an effective way to enhance presentation skills at all levels. Sounds amazing doesn’t it!
Being able to communicate well doesn’t just mean being able to talk nicely. There are many other things to it. Let’s take a look at them:
Essential Aspects of Communication Skills
More than talking being important, it’s how well you are listening to what the other person is saying that holds value. Very often we get in to trouble because we were not listening to what was happening or what the other person had to say. Why? Because either we were too lost in our own thoughts or emotions or were just waiting to give our opinion. And who’s at a loss here is? Us! Although this is one of the terms mentioned in every basic of communication skills training, I can vouch for it, it’s one of the toughest one’s to implement!
Non-verbal communication
At times your words might be appropriate but still things can turn out bad in an interaction. Now that could be because of there was something wrong with some other things. Things like body language, eye contact, gestures and the tone of your voice. While you verbal communication might be appropriate your non-verbal communication might be otherwise.
It’s one of the biggest reasons for a misunderstanding. If you don’t feel empathy for others, you might not be able to maintain your relationship with that person. Not being empathetic might serve as a strong base to a rising misunderstanding.
Just like empathy, respect is another huge cause for misunderstandings to take place. You cannot connect appropriately with a person who you do not respect. Respect others and they in turn will open up to you.
There are many other aspects to good communication that are taught in communication skills training. These are just the ones that topped my list. I think if you have these in place, you will be able to communicate well. Or else, you will have trouble getting your point across, just like many people do.
At the same time, it’s a difficult task to get all of these things in place. Actually communication is an art in itself, an art that every person should master. And this makes communication skills trainings all the more important.
So, if you are one those who find ‘communication skills trainings’ silly, do you still think so?

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