Effective communication skills

Effective communication skills are not just about being able to talk or write effectively. It is lot more than that. Communication skills training is often misinterpreted as English language training by some people. You know why? Because communication is misunderstood as ability to speak in a particular language only.

Communication is extremely important and a huge gamut in itself. Being able to communicate well doesn’t just mean being able to exchange information from one person to other in form of words only. There are multiple other things that come under it. Effectively communication requires various other skills to do so. Effective communication means being able to convey a message clearly, listen carefully to understand the appropriate meaning of what the other person is saying and also make that person feel heard and understood.

A communication skills training focuses of all of these aspects. To specifically mention the skills or abilities required for being able to communicate effectively are; Effective Listening, Nonverbal communication & Assertiveness. Let us discuss in brief about each one of them.


Most of the time when we are communicating, we listen to reply and not to understand. that is called the reaction.  Most of the fights, misunderstanding, arguments happen because the person is not listening to the other person to understand what he/ she is saying. There is a huge difference between hearing and listening. What we most of the time do, is hearing. There is no effort in it.

The first step to becoming an effective communicator is, to become an engaged listener. When you listen carefully, you understand more than just words. You understand the emotions, voice and intonations in their voice. This helps in understanding the message clearly.

Nonverbal communication

This is the major aspect of communication like soft skill training. Your body language, facial expressions, movements, gestures, eye contact, tone of voice, posture and various other actions communicate more than your words.

Being able to understand and use the nonverbal communication can help you connect with others better. Your physical actions can help you communicate better or will make others misunderstand you. Hence, it is very important we learn the appropriate use of nonverbal communication.


Most of us lack this. Being assertive is a super power. It also helps you in being less misunderstood, not taken advantage of and being confident. Lot of times we are not able to say what we are thinking or being highly emotional during fights & arguments. Assertiveness helps in being able to manage conversations during difficult situations.

Communication skills training is a very critical training program. It is essential all these aspects of effective communication are very well covered in it. if you are looking forward to a communication  skills training, ensure these points.

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