soft skills training

We are a top corporate training company in the country. And designing and delivering the best soft skills training programs is what we are known for. Not to forget our other behavioural trainings, leadership trainings, organisational development, coaching and counselling services!

We receive many soft skills training enquiries. And make it a point to go in depth and find out where and why this need has come forth. We check if there was a proper training need identification and analysis process carried out before arriving at the need. And if so, what the detailed findings were. If not, then who came up with this need and why?

The Mismatch

Many a time we have observed participants coming into the training room and wondering what the training was going to be about. Now this could frankly be because of multiple reasons. Reasons like, they were not told what the corporate training program was going to entail, they were not asked if they actually required this training, they were nominated by their boss without any discussion, nobody understood their actual challenge, and what not!

Situations like these where there is a mismatch between the organisation’s understanding of the employee need and the employees’ actual need. And guess what, when an organisation gives priority to their own needs over their employees’ needs, the organizational developmental program pretty much goes for a toss! Why? Because a good buy-in from the participants is essential for the success of a soft skills training program.

In such situations, it’s unfortunately the trainer that face the biggest challenge. Making the participants engage in a training program which they don’t find relevant to them is a really difficult task and one that makes use of every training skill they have!

Skills development for a competent future workforce is necessary. But it should be done taking individual employee developmental needs into consideration. For its only then can you have complete participation from them and deliver a successful soft skills training program.

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