Team building training

The financial year is coming to an end. Organisations will now be busy treating their people with outings and having strategy meets for planning the next year. They will also be engrossed in organising team building trainings for starting the new year with new zeal and energy.

Team building trainings serve many purposes. Enhancing team bonding, encouraging the team to achieve more together, helping the team get aware of what may be coming in the way of them becoming a great team; and having lots of fun in the process.

Team building trainings also help in working on developing ‘team member skills.’ When we say team member skills, there are some must have skills that every team member must possess to give rise to a cohesive team. Let’s discuss a few of them:

  1. Communication

Being a part of a team, communication is something that you have to be good at. Both, your verbal and non-verbal communication, should be strong enough to carry out day to day team activities. There should be regular conversations, sharing and healthy conflicts too!

When you are in a team, group discussions are what happen most of the time. And if you lack good communication skills, you can well imagine the misunderstandings and arguments that it can create!


  1. Leadership

The second most important thing that the team should have is a leader. Someone who can provide the team direction and support them to march ahead and achieve their goals.


  1. Collaboration

When you say the word ‘team,’ the first thing that comes to mind is collaboration. You can’t have a team with all its members working in their own directions. Objectives will never be achieved that way and the team would be a failure. Being together is therefore of utmost importance.


  1. Motivation

It is assumed that it is the sole responsibility of a leader to motivate his or her team. Yes, the leader is responsible for it. But don’t you think, so is each and every team member? They must be able to keep themselves motivated and also encourage their fellow team members. And that’s what really keeps the team going.


  1. Problem solving

When trying to achieve a goal, facing challenges becomes a way of life! Solving these problems and overcoming challenges together using all the above-mentioned skills is what makes a team strong and resilient.


So if you haven’t planned a team building training for your employees yet, go ahead and do it. You’ll be able to see plenty of benefits from it.

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